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Research Team


PhD Candidates (Current)

Alex WESTRA (Archaeology-Ancient History, Ph.D Cand.)

Apostolos VLACHOS (MSc Informatics in Cultural Heritage, Ph.D Cand.)


Prof Tom LEVY, Archaeologist, University of California San Diego, Dept of Anthropology, on Cvber- Archaeology (2013- ).

Prof Nikos ZACHARIAS, Chemical Engineering, archaeometrist), Dept of Archaeology, History & Cultural Management, University of Peloponnese, Kalamata on “ Spectroscopy techniques, luminescence dating, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, digital archaeometry”, (2007- )

Dr. George POLYMERIS, Physicist, Archaeometry (TL-OSL & C14 dating), Nat. Res Center DEMOKRITOS, Athens.

Dr. Chris M. STEVENSON, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, on Obsidian dating, 2002-

Dr Nikos LASKARIS, Electronics in Cultural Heritage-Archaeometry, University of West Attica.

Prof. Yiannis ILIOPOULOS (Geologist, geoarchaeologist, Dept of Geology, University of Patras, Greece) (2010- )

Assoc.Prof Andrew KOH (Yale University, Archaeology, archaeological sciences)

Prof. Changhong MIAO (Henan University, China: geography-environment & culture)

Prof. Qin Zhen (Henan University, China: History-Archaeology-Culture)

Prof. Maria GERAGA, marine geologist, University of Patras

Dr Vayia XANTHOPOULOU (Patras Univ, Greece, geoarchaeologust)

Dr Stavros Nikolopoulos, Founder-CEO NanoMegas Co

Dr Ion ANDRONACHE, Complex non-linear analysis, Fractal analysis, Bucharest University, Romania

Prof. Niki EVELPIDOU, Geoarchaeology/ GIS, University of Athens

Prof. Gregoris TSOKAS, Geophysical Prospection, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Prof. David REICH, aDNA of human bones, Harvard University

Prof. Iosif LAZARIDIS, aDNA statistical analysis of human bones, Harvard University

Dr Marilena CHOVALOPOULOU, anthropologist-biologist, Dept of Biology, University of Athens

Assist Prof Panagiota MANTI, Conservator-archaeometrist, Ionion University, Greece

Prof Herbert JELINEK, Biomedical Engineering/ Complex analysis, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr Deniz OGUZ-KIRCA, archaeologist; Settlement Archaeology, Ancient Water Systems, Landscape Archaeology, Rural Archaeology, Turkey

Assoc Prof Ioannis BAZIOTIS, Geologist/mineralogy; Agricultural University of Athens.

Prof. Ioannis KARAPANAGIOTIS, Chemical engineering/conservation studies in artifacts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Prof Omar ABDEL KAREEM, Conservator, Cairo University, Egypt.

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