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Research Grants


  • ONASSIS Foundation
  • LAVA S.A.
  • Russell Trust, (UK)
  • RANDOM HOUSE (England)
  • European Union
  • Ministry of the Aegean
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Municipality of Rhodes
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Development (General Secretariat of Research and Technology)
  • S&B industrial minerals s.a
  • Bilateral Projects
  • Royal Society(London) through Hellenic Research Foundation
  • Edinburgh University Scholarship (for Ph.D.); Schillizzi Foundation (UK)
  • Greek State Scholarship (IKY). In total 1992-1998 At least 10 Research Projects funded by private & public sources (Boundouris Foundation, Academy of Athens, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Aegean, Ministry of Development, Agricultural Bank of Greece)

In some detail:

1) No.737 Network GAIA – INTERREG II (linguistics, archaeology, history, archaeometry
1-06-2000- 31-12-2003, 263.930 €, Collaboration between Lab of Archaeometry Dept of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes with Alexandria University (Egypt) and Yarmouk University (Jordan), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour.

2) No.686 INSTITUTE AT ALEXANDRIA, 7-12-1999-2004, 29.325 €, Ministry of Exterior Affairs, Athens & Random House UK.

3) No.1027 Archaeological & archaeometrical research in Neolithic settlement Ulucak: Research, preservation & restoration, 20/03/2003- 20/03/2005, 15.072,00 €, Greek-Turkish Bilateral Programme

4) No.1267 Dating Japanese obsidians by SIMS-SS, University of Rikkyo (attn. Prof. Masao Suzuki), 01/01/2004 – 12/12/2004,1400,00 €

5) No.1475, Geophysical prospection in Monte Smith, Rhodes, 29/06/2005- 22/06/2006, 35.000,00 €, Ministry of the Aegean & Insular Politics

6) No.1568, Chromatology of Theophrastus from Eressos: Analyses, provenance contribution in the study of cultural heritage,12/12/2005- 31/12/2008, 69.000,00 €, Ministry of Education, EU (75%)-Greece (25%) and co-funded by Holy Foundation St Catherine at Sinai 30%, Programme on R&D (

7) No. 1341, Investigation of ancient carved rock surfaces (granite, marble, obsidian, basalt). Heraclitus Measure 2.2 (Sub measure 12), 2004-, 34.011,00 €, EU (75%) – Greek (25%) Programme on R&D. (Cancelled after approval due to the inadequacy of candidate but research continued with collaborators)

8) No.661 Analysis of Neolithic ceramics from the Aegean with the non-destructive XRF, 20/03/2001- 20/03/2004, 26.392 €, Ministry of the Aegean.

9) No.601 Astronomical orientation of ancient monuments from the Aegean, Asia Minor and Egypt, 20/03/2001- 20/03/2003,19.000 €, Ministry of the Aegean.

10) No.865 Analysis of wall painting from Cathedral of Amfissa (Delphi), 0/03/2001- 20/03/2003, 20.530 euro, Municipality of Amfissa- Delphi through Ministry of Culture.

11) Obsidian Dating: Dating by SIMS-SS of Korean obsidians, March 2008- Dec 2009, 3,000 E.

12) Coordinator of accepted Proposal on Networking in Greece Proposal Digital ARCHeometry-HEL.L.A.N (Hellenic archaeometry labs Network) by the Ministry of Education (EC funded Project) involving 10 partners (research and educational establishments), 2010 (2nd of the two approved top projects. Grant is given to first one).

13) Dragon Houses at Styra Euboea: Dating by luminescence, 2008-2010, 15,000 E Municipality of Styra and Russell Trust Scotland.

14) 2013-2016 PI of EU-Ministry of Education co-funded project of Multiinsularity, on The beginnings of Aegean prehistory. Part I: 30,000-7,000 BC and 800-200 BC.

15) 2013-2016 PI of EU-Ministry of Education co-funded project of Multiinsularity, on The beginnings of Aegean prehistory. Part I: 30,000-7,000 BC and 800-200 BC.
Collaborating Scientist/ Joint Projects

16) Project HERMES, General Secretariat of Research and Development, for the Technological Educational Institute of Lamia Dept of Electronics (Assoc Prof. T. Ganetsos, Responsible) in collaboration with Lab of Archaeometry Rhodes, co-responsible I.Liritzis. Topic:  Physical Sciences, entitled “Archaeology with emphasis on the New dating of Obsidian Hydration”, 2005-7, 15,000 EUROS.

17) Project PYTHAGORAS, Meter 2.2, funded by European Union and National Resources. Title: “Egypt-Greece in Antiquity. A historical and archaeological study with the aid of the archaeological sciences”(Responsible: Assist. Prof. P.Kousoulis- Prof.I.Liritzis expert collaborator on archaeometry issues), 2004-2007.

18) Geophysical Prospection at St Mavra Castle at Lefkas. Dept of Architecture Engineering National Polytechnic School, Athens (Prof. E. Apostolou, responsible), I.Liritzis researcher, 1992, 1 year, 15,000 E.

19) 1999-2001. Responsible of EU co-funded Project via Res Unit Account about the support of the new Dept of Mediterranean Studies (DMS), Rhodes. He was elected as the 1st Professor in the new Department and he essentially set the foundations of this Dept. on Issues of Administration, Syllabus, Personnel, Laboratories. The DMS has three divisions, a) Archaeology, b) Linguistics of SE Mediterranean, and c) International Relations & Organizations, and gets 180 students per annum, after exams.

20) 2002-4 Co-Director of EU co-funded Project about the Reformation of Syllabus of the Dept of Mediterranean Studies, Rhodes.

21) Reginal Governance of Sterea Ellada, (14,000 Euros) archaeological-archaeometrical investigations of Mycenean settlement Kastrouli (Desdina near Delphi, Greece). Managing fund the Research Unit University of the Aegean.

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